Concrete Scanning

Perth Concrete Scanning uses a passive and aggressive scanning style to firstly to locate services or items of interest within or transgressing through required location. Then endeavours to allocate service name to item detected.

Passive Detection

Passive concrete scanning services in Perth

The passive concrete scanning technique includes:

  • Conducting an onsite visual inspection prior to scanning
  • Gaining access to the opposing side of item where possible
  • Assessing building plans availability, currency and usable information
  • Verbal discussion with building management and (if available) the trade persons involved
  • Conduct Dial Before You Dig plan reviews
  • Complete a general location sweep with radio detection wand on power or radio settings

Aggressive Detection

Concrete scanning quality assurance data report

The aggressive concrete scanning technique includes:


The team will use a radio detection wand in conjunction with radio transmitter to allow single items to be induced with a detectable signal. These will then be tracked to their desired location or back to another location (switch board or service pit) to be labelled.


This process will be used for the visual identification and confirmation of items that have been previously located (including depth) and for the discovery of undetectable items which are not available from the use of the radio detection wand e.g.

Plastic or fibre optic items do not give off a detectable field and therefore cannot be induced with a detectable signal.

Radar visualising will also be used to pick up where multiple items are in very close proximity and have not been detectable due to transmitter signal jumping between all uninsulated items give the impression of a single item when in fact there may be multiple items.

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