Quality Assurance

Concrete scanning quality assurance data report

We can supply larger clients quality assurance reports for those times its part of your tender or questions are raised by the primary client as to the quality of workmanship.

2D and 3D scanning presentations combined with engineering reports are a fantastic tool for making assessments on structural elements or whether a process has worked or has points of failure (voiding, honeycombing, delimitation, reinforcement positioning).

Perth Concrete Scanning can supply an in depth service including engineering reports if required.

Standard locations

Bridges, dam walls, towers, tunnels, high rise building, concrete slabs, shopping centers, carparks, petrol stations, industrial sites.

Items detectable but not limited to are

  • Service Locating (post tension cables, electrical conduits, data cables, pvc pipes).
  • Delimitation of surfaces
  • Void detection (honey combing or poorly constructed core filled block walls)
  • Reo/steel location and quantity
  • Concrete slab/asphalt thickness
  • Cracking/fracturing
  • Pin point accurate marking
  • Immediate reporting allowing no down time in decision making proving valuable for progress

Perth Concrete Scanning in conjunction with its contacts and expert network can also compile quality assurance data and deliver a report on the quality of structural items in question or gather information about the structure where previous information has been lost or unavailable.

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